May 23rd 2024

The Common 1.0.0 Mainnet is Live!

We're excited to announce the launch of the Common 1.0.0 Mainnet! Aleph Zero ecosystem users can now use the network's native DEX to swap tokens, provide liquidity, and farm to earn rewards. 

Common is a unique DeFi suite that gives users the privacy, security, and efficiency required of a modern DEX. Now that it is live, users will be able to experience first-hand: 

  • Swapping tokens;

  • Providing liquidity through Liquidity Pools;

  • Farming and earning rewards;

  • A bridge to Ethereum that provides users of both ecosystems access to each other. Remember, this is just the first bridge to come as we plan on expanding Common's multi-chain capabilities through Aleph Zero's native MOST bridging platform.

We are confident that Common will provide an inspiring platform for decentralized finance to flourish both for individual and institutional traders. 

What are you waiting for? It's time to explore Common! 

The Journey to Perfection is Never Done! 

We also want to acknowledge that the team will continue to work on improving the Common AMM and are open to your suggestions for improving Aleph Zero's native DeFi suite. Keep an eye on our social media and blog, as we will deliver regular updates on the progress in enhancing the Common DEX experience.