June 6th 2024

Common ver. 1.0.1: custom tokens are now saved without connected account

A new version of Common AMM has been pushed to both the Mainnet and Testnet, improving the experience when trading custom tokens. They are now saved for you even if you don’t connect the account. You can also now send links directly to trading pairs!

Here’s the full list of updates:

  • Custom tokens (added by entering a custom smart contract address) are now saved for you without the need to connect an account. The TVL and Volume values reflect your added custom tokens;

  • Chosen swap tokens are now added to the link, allowing you to send a URL directly to the pair;

  • Added option to remove pinned tokens on mobile;

  • Changed fee naming;

  • Updated texts in farm rewards box;

  • Updated DEX contracts metadata;

  • Added pair fee fetching;

  • Added scroll to top on page change;

  • Fixed exchange ratios on non-existing pools;

  • Changed font properties;

  • Added fadeout animation to slider labels;

  • Removed fade mask from pool stats on mobile.

As always, thank you for your feedback and support and enjoy trading on Common!