May 16th 2024

Common ver. 0.7.5: Resolved performance issues

Work on the Common Testnet is in full sway, and as always, the team is keen on informing the public of all changes and innovations that have arrived. Read on to learn more about the changes that arrived along with the 0.7.5 Testnet.  

The newest Testnet update has seen several big improvements delivered across the various features and functionalities offered by the Common Testnet. One of the changes involves optimizing the pool's performance and fixing the custom token search bar. We also modified farming to allow users to see their weekly awards. Problems with adding liquidity have also been addressed. The process of bridging wETH (on Aleph Zero) to ETH to receive native ETH was also fixed, as was displaying the bridge transfer toasts and improving transfer notifications. 

The Full List of Common 0.7.5 Testnet Improvements

Below, you can see the exhaustive list of all features that have been implemented in the recent update: 

  • The gas calculator was also improved, and the tools used to handle insufficient gas also underwent modifications, 

  • Additionally, beneficial changes were brought to the bridge loading mechanism,

  • A function was introduced that allows for adding dollar value estimations to the bridge, 

  • The team added a modal that shows the bridge transfer details and a refinement of the transfer detail and toast function, 

  • The AZERO MOST contract metadata was updated, 

  • A fix was implemented for AZERO MOST contract types,  

  • Updates were also added to the contract metadata on the Ethereum side of things,  

  • Fixing the Ether -> Aleph finalization progress,

  • Fixing NaN shown in 'token select,'

  • Introducing AssetBox improvements and removing unneeded type, 

  • Fixing the custom token search functionality and adding a hover state to listed icons, 

  • We disabled 'add liquidity' when the amount of assets in the pool is zero,  

  • Fixes have been implemented to format the total share percentage in users' pool balance and add loading states to pool details and their respective pool lists,

  • Changes to the calculating and rounding of amounts have also been added, resulting in the following: 

    • The percentages in the interactive slider are now always visible on mobile,

    • Rounding percentages in Percentage Input,

    • Adjusting inputs’ precision to the tokens' decimals,

    • Fixing the keyboard type on mobile when changing slippage,

    • Including all tokens decimals in the maximum amount for a swap,

    • Fixing modals from taking the whole height on mobile in some browsers,

    • Servicing the PoolStats to prevent it from returning defective data,

    • Implementing a fix to prevent the pool from showing a 99.9% share when the user is the only provider. 

Finally, the last fixes conducted include: 

  • Providing an auto-select feature for imported tokens,

  • Fixing skeleton in accounts info,

  • Enhancing the max swap case for native coins,

  • Formatting balance in my liquidity,

  • A fix was made to the network value fee,

  • Overhauling the methods decoration in the contract queries limiter and adding an indexer that can be switched on and off. 

More Upgrades on the Horizon! 

The team is diligently working on troubleshooting, bug removal, and feature creation as you read this article. If you feel anything requires more effort or improvement, remember that our ears are open, and we welcome community criticism with open ears! Keep an eye on our socials and blog as we will deliver regular updates on the progress in improving the Common DEX. 

List of Resolved Featurebase Tickets
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Poor Performance after Update

version 0.6.0 is kinda lagging (e.g. pools view)

Very poor performance on pools tab (Too much & too often requests to Sepholia)

add liquidity max, wrong fee calculation

reserve amount for paying of gas fee when paying with max

Max trade not working

Max amount leaves no fees

Issue with Max Swaps

Clicking on Maximum to swap all your TZERO to other Tokens fails

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