April 26th 2024

Common ver. 0.7.0: introducing farming pools!

We’re back with another update leading to Common AMM's mainnet launch—this time, we’re introducing farming into the Testnet release.

Farming on Pools allows users to get extra rewards for providing liquidity in Common AMM, with rewards paid in AZERO, as well as in other tokens. 

Here are the key updates of this release:

– Farming on Liquidity Pools is now enabled.

– Users can start and stop farming at any time..

– The UI provides visual hints on which tokens have farms enabled.

– The liquidity can be farmed automatically.

– The rewards from Farms and Pools can be claimed at any time.

– Besides the farming-related features, we have also significantly improved the performance of Pools. They’re loading instantly now! Loading pools.

Note: We created three farms for Common Testnet. If you have provided liquidity to one of those farms and would want to begin farming for additional rewards, you need to start it manually. 

If you'd need help with doing that, head over to the Farming guide.

The Pools with enabled farms are currently:




As always, a huge thank-you to all the community testers who provided us with valuable feedback and support!

Common Testnet ver. 0.7.0 is already deployed – go give it a try!